Solar Path Visualization & Shade Analysis

The Sun Seeker augmented reality mobile app was first launched for iOS in 2009 and has been continually enhanced since then.

In 2017, Sun Seeker Pro was launched as a more powerful version for macOS with Photo Sphere based analysis! It includes an automated shade identification feature which enables the app to accurately list sunlight exposure times for any day of the year, as well as perform detailed solar energy availability calculations, based on any given solar panel characteristics.

With our innovative technology, you can now gain access to everything you need and want to know about the solar path, sunlight and solar energy availability for any day and for any location on earth.

The advanced macOS version will appeal especially to

  • Cinematographers & Videographers
  • Real Estate Photographers
  • Town Planners & Architects
  • Solar Energy specialists and panel installers

If you have any questions about Sun Seeker Pro for macOS, please submit your enquiry using the email link below. We'd be delighted to explain more.

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Here is an example from the app showing the variation of the sun's position at a given time of day (7am PDT / 8am PST) throughout the year.

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