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Glowing User Testimonials

Sun Seeker - 1Rexford - ★★★★★
Best app on planet. Amazingly awesome application. A must have!

Sun Seeker - GB Justinbrown1987 - ★★★★★
Truly amazing app Should be more expensive, use it for every location scout and with new improvements and video tutorial on how to calibrate compass it's super accurate. By far the most useful app in my library

Sun Seeker - DE conrados - ★★★★★
Fantastic ! Really well done app, very useful when looking for a new home. Well done !

Sun Seeker - CA SachinKhona - ★★★★★
THE BEST. Love this app. Use it so often for finding out sunset/sunrise times for shoots, planning shoots in advance to see where the sun will set and rise. The 3D view is amazing .. Highly recommend it!Thanks guys :)Sachin(Wedding & Portrait photographer)

Sun Seeker - US Kilo 4 - ★★★★★
Incredible App! Great for planning photo shoots, and any other daytime activity. The developer responds rapidly to suggestions. Clearly, he is dedicated to making Sun Seeker a top notch contribution.Well done!!

Sun Seeker - US Jorgen Thompquist - ★★★★★
I see you Sun Does what it says better than you think. I use this app all the time. It tells me where to setup my tent and when the pool will be in the sun at the hotel. New version hasn't had any issues on my 5s. Plus it has nice iOS 7y flat gradients throughout the interface.

Oz Weather - AU twoboy2 - ★★★★★
Oz weather is the best weather app for use in Australia that I have found. Access information quickly and easily. Have used it for years.

Oz Weather - AU JD 11 - ★★★★★
Great service. Accurate and local. Love the rain radar very helpful.

Oz Weather - AU freetheweednow - ★★★★★
Very well designed and very useable. Definitely recommended for all Australians.

Oz Weather - AU Shiva 74 - ★★★★★
I've been a longtime user of Oz Weather and this version brings a slick IOS7 style interface with warning notifications and many great detail views over and above the standard weather info.

Wind Seeker - AU MikeFarr740 - ★★★★★
A brilliant app that any wind related sport or business will find truly helpful. And the 3D view using your phone or pad's camera will blow your mind!

Wind Seeker - AU tonytonytony1 - ★★★★★
Excellent app ... Simple and effective

Wind Seeker - US SteveBDH - ★★★★★
I live in Kauai, Hawaii and this app is excellent and very accurate. I use it daily along with SunSeeker and MoonSeeker. Thanks for a great app!!! Aloha :-)

Wind Seeker - AU Threepicdude59 - ★★★★★
Love the interface and the 3d viewer.

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